Sites built for Technical SEO

Websites are integral to effective SEO in that they need to be fast to load, secure, easy to navigate, designed for mobiles, relevant and engaging.

Not all websites are capable of delivering across all of these areas and cheap websites with free plug-ins often harbour innate conflicts and errors resulting in little capacity to be found by search engines or to be useful to your target audience.

Houndstreet SEO has developers who have years of experience in building a wide range of websites. Our experience encompasses large, complex e-commerce sites, more straightforward brochure sites, right up to current developments in AMP websites. All of our sites are designed to be fast and effective on mobiles.

Grove Garage is an example of a simple AMP site designed to load fast and show video on 3G.

AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages and as the name implies, these are fast and designed to deliver content on mobiles, and other devices including desktops, blisteringly fast.

They are search friendly, video friendly, content friendly. They can even work in social media.

Our site too, is built as an AMP site. We also create AMP/Wordpress hybrids that retain the speed but are easy to update and maintain.

We build websites that are designed to meet your specific business requirements and fulfil your customer’s needs. This ensures your website plays an integral role in your overall marketing strategy.

We provide full ongoing technical support and advice, enabling your website to change and grow as your business develops. Future proofing the site architecture ensures any new developments – including in SEO – can be accommodated.