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How we work - Hound Street, Birmingham and London 0121 396 1205
How we work - Hound Street, Birmingham and London 0121 396 1205

How we work

As a small but highly skilled team we offer an extremely efficient way of working for our clients.

Houndstreet started as a market research company in 1996 and after four years began to embrace programming as a means to enhance our market research projects. This also led to us being asked to help create bespoke functionality for clients websites, and for the last few years we have worked on both research and systems integration for marketing companies and direct clients, producing progressive web apps, accelerated mobile pages, epos systems, as well as helping integrate e-commerce and channel marketing projects.

With the growth in importance of digital intelligence and the ability to manage customer interaction at a granular level, we see a real opportunity to help companies navigate, manage and analyse the information and digital resources that will be increasingly required.

We are not an agency, we don’t have designers or marketing consultants. Instead, we offer a small team of programmers, researchers and project managers who are able to work collaboratively with your marketing department, or agency to help you manage your digital resources, depending on spec, provide or oversee and negotiate programming projects. We can also advise on and co-ordinate listening services, digital intelligence gathering and responses. We can also provide and advise upon secure hosting and back up and recovery as required.

Because we support and help you implement a marketing strategy, we help creative and technical aspects mesh together to help you achieve your business goals in an integrated, cost effective and timely manner.